PGR-8000 series

General Description

The PGR 8000 series Piston Engine Propellor Governor Test Stand is designed to test standard model oil actuated propellor constant speed governor units as fitted to Lycoming reciprocating aircraft engines.

PGR 8060


The Model PGR 8060 is designed specifically for testing units as supplied by:

Hartzell series single acting CSU

Mc Cauley series single acting CSU

Woodward series single acting CSU

(Note this test equipment is designed for governors fitted to Lycoming reciprocating aircraft engines)

Technical Data

Power Supply: Three Phase
Oil Tank capacity: 45 litres
Pump capacity: 25 litres/min
Max Operating temperature: 115 deg C
Max Operating pressure: 1500 P.S.I
Motor Drive: 5 Kw bi-directional
Speed Control RPM:: 10-3000RPM
Governor Drive speed accuracy: =/- 1%
CSU Drive: Electronic