FTR-7000 series

General Description

The FTR-7000 series Piston Engine Fuel Injector Test Stands are designed to test Precision/ Bendix 'RSA' Servo controls as fitted to Lycoming/ Teledyne Contintental reciprocating aircraft engines.



The Model FTR-7060 is designed specifically for testing units manufactured by: Precision Airmotive Corp Models RSA Series.

Technical Data

Power Supply: Single Phase
Motor Drive: 0.55 Kw CW
Speed Control RPM: Constant Speed 2700 RPM
Pump Output: 35GPH @ 38 - 40PSIG
Test Media: Stoddard Solvent ( S.G 0.770)
Naptha (S.G 0.740)
Tank Capacity: 40 litres
Fluid Pressure: 0-50 PSIG
Regulating Pressure: 0-50 PSIG
Filtration: 10 Micron
Air Pressure Inlet 50-120 PSIG
Sense Regulator: 0-2 PSIG
Sense Pressure: 0-200 Inches W.G.
Differential: 0-200 Inches T>M.
Flow Meter: 0.5cc - 100cc /min +/- 0.03%
Operating Temperature: 20 deg C =/- 2